Friday, February 05, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! I had a tough time choosing just one winner this week -- none of you were funny! (Kidding, kidding…) First, the Honorable Mentions: two from Scott Stogius Maximus Lewis: "With these 3-D glasses, it's almost as if you can SEE the stench." and "In Russia, you no watch movie.... movie watch YOU!"; Alan AJ Irby: "The 21st-century reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was confusing for all involved."; Lisa Lavelle: "The Surgeon General's new "Eat Healthy At The Movies" campaign takes terror tactics to a new level."; Ginger Commander Mann: "No, look again! That shirt is white with gold stripes."; Jim Salmen: "A&E's new reality show: Keeping Up with the Wombats, now in 3-D."; Darren Grabowski: "Caption contest? Hollywood really is out of ideas!"; and StupidGuest Tricks' Goofyernmost: "No doubt about it... He looks much better without the 3-D glasses.'"

And the winner is… Jim Salmen, his fourth win! Congratulations, Jim!

Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming… someday!

Monday, February 01, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST for FEBRUARY 5! As threatened, just because I'm not posting a new pic weekly doesn't mean I've gone away. (Sorry!) So, how would you caption this picture? Comment below! The same pic will show here and on Facebook. I'll repost the pic with my favorite caption on Friday. No prize, just the glory of winning!