Saturday, January 16, 2016

Monday, January 04, 2016

Overall Caption Contest Winners!

Darren's run this year wasn't enough to unseat the master. Congratulations, Alan AJ Irby!

2015 Caption Contest results!

Here's the tally for 2015, with your new champion Darren Grabowski! Congrats, Darren, and thanks to all who participated. I'll be back soon with the top overall finishers from the past three years!

Friday, January 01, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! While you were out partying in the New Year, I was agonizing all night over the final contest results, sorting through the many, many funny entries you all posted this week! (Just kidding – I was asleep before midnight. I’m old and boring.) First, fourteen Honorable Mentions: Larry Lozuk: "One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don't mean... anything."; Woody Woods: "2016 had great promise, Brad had an agent and was determined to become a star. Unfortunately the only openings were for the new Marlboro man and a sequel to Brokeback Mountain. Oh well, back to the courthouse."; Lisa Lavelle: "He rode a Blazing Saddle..."; Bret Morris: "I may look the part, but I still don't know the Baritone to 'Ring of Fire.'"; Jay Marsh: "Wombat oddly looks east while riding north and fails the simple goal of riding off into the sunset."; Alan AJ Irby: "I've got a bad feeling about this... Oh wait! Wrong genre."; two from Scott Stogius Maximus Lewis: "Wombat auditions for 'The Ugly' in the vocal rendition of 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.' He is deemed 'overqualified.'" and "A young child cries in the distance, 'Come back!...' Wombat turns around, and the child says, 'Not you, Wombat -- Shane...."; Tom Jackson: "NOTE: One horse WAS harmed in the making of this photo."; Darren Grabowski: "Yep, superglue on the fingers."; Rick Bivins: "Wombat flunks the 'touch your nose' test."; Kelly Zink: "I don't always ride off into the sunset; but when I do, it's because I am... the most interesting Wombat in the world!"; Lynn A Ewing: "As he rode out of sight, he proclaimed, 'Zuckerberg is not sending you any money!' and poof! he was gone."; and Jim Salmen: "Bob Ross had one last painting in him before he left us. The background was great... the foreground, not so much!'"
And this (appropriately musical) final winning entry comes from my longtime friend Bear Deardorff, his first win this year and second overall! Congratulations, Bear!

Thanks to all who entered! I’ll be back Monday, but just with a final tally of the standings – who was the top winner in 2015? And who was the top winner over the past three years???