Friday, May 27, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! This was another week with incredible response -- 75+ entries! That might be a record… if I kept track of such things. Anyway, lots of funny this week to choose from, which means that many more of you will be disappointed! Yay? So first, your Honorable Mentions: SGT's WEDFan: "The hills are alive... and it's pretty frightening!"; Jay Marsh: "If a baritone sings in the woods and no one is there to hear it, is it still weird?"; Daniel Burke: "All this can be yours if you just bow down and serve me."; Kathrine Ricks Seale: "And with this, Facebook finally revoked Wombat's Caption Contest privileges."; Bear Deardorff: "Wombat self-identifies as an Edelweiss and displays his pride in his new-found identity."; Bret Morris: "A peek into Wombat's head when accepting applause at a VM show."; and of course this one, first submitted by  Lara Beilby and then several others: "The hills are aliiiiive with the sound of Wombaaat!!!"

And the winner this week is my longtime friend from our crazy college days Kathrine Ricks Seale (or is that my crazy friend from our longtime college days?), her first win! Congratulations, Kathy -- and Nertz! :-)

Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming… eventually!

Monday, May 23, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST for MAY 27! Inspiration for these contests can come from anywhere. My friends will now think twice before inviting me to their daughter's junior high musical. So, how would you caption this picture? Comment below! The same pic will show here and on Facebook. I'll repost the pic with my favorite caption on Friday. No prize, just the glory of winning!