Monday, July 09, 2007

Onstage with VM in Denver!!

I've just returned from Denver and the international convention of the Barbershop Harmony Society and its affiliated organizations worldwide, and yes, I have now actually performed on stage with the Vocal Majority!!! (Three times, actually!) And what a rush it is -- the cheering crowds, the adrenaline and emotion, and the amazing satisfaction of ringing chords with the greatest group of guys in the world. I'll probably post more after I'm home longer and can collect my thoughts -- the whole week is a blur right now -- but I thought you'd like to see a couple of pictures.

This is on stage at the Pepsi Center, around midnight on Friday night, as we take our place on the risers for our spotlight performance. On the other side of the closed curtain sit 10,000+ people about to be wowed. Even though as reigning gold medalists we do not compete this year, the group works just as hard as during a competition, with the goal to always improve and still be the best there is. The energy in the group as we wait behind the curtains is one of my strongest memories, as we pump ourselves up to put on the show of our lives (and mirrored by the excitement after the curtain closes and we -quietly- pump our fists and celebrate)!!

Onstage at the Pepsi Center -- photo courtesy of my dad! I am on the top row, third from the right-hand side. We are attired in black tuxedos with black shirts, gold ties and pocket squares -- and gold medals!

This is from our Saturday morning "Master Class" at the convention, a little closer up so you can see me. (I've had to check these pictures myself several times -- this is such a dream, I still can hardly believe I'm in the group!!) We are wearing our Denver "travel shirt," a burgundy button-down with a clever logo forming the letters "VM" into the shape of mountains.

That's it for now -- I'm headed to bed, since I still haven't caught up on sleep and I go back to work tomorrow. Many, many thank yous to the men of the Vocal Majority for allowing me the honor and privilege of joining my voice with yours. Thanks also to all of the wonderful barbershoppers from around the world that I met in Denver -- this hobby truly attracts great people!

And congratulations to VM's own Greg Clancy & Jeff Oxley, who with Tony De Rosa & Gary Lewis comprise this years International Champion Quartet MAX Q!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

With VM in Denver

I'm in the Mile High City with the Vocal Majority! Tonight we perform at the Pepsi Center - this is us heading in for our morning tech rehearsal. The Barbershop Harmony Society convention has been a blast so far - lots of great music!

Note: If you missed seeing this post before, there's a reason: this was originally sent live from Denver, but due to some issues with posting from my cell phone it was misdirected. Just found it and put it with this blog.