Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Very BRWombat 3D Hollywood Adventure

Note: This is the first post for my Hollywood 2011 trip report. Even though these posts are written after the fact, I like to write as if I were narrating the events as they happen, so I adjust the time-stamps on the posts accordingly.

And hey, I know most of you mainly want to know what the movie premiere was like, but to me, part of the experience of any big event is journey surrounding it, with all of the anticipation and build-up included. If you’re impatient, use the links at right to find the premiere; otherwise, come along with us and enjoy the ride…

Life is about to get surreal. I won a contest on Cracked.com.

Cracked, the website successor to the irreverent comedy magazine – you know, the one that wasn’t Mad – sponsors contests for photoshopped pictures every week. They provide a topic (such as “Bad Ideas for Broadway Musicals” or “If Everything Got a Mascot”), and readers post their own photo creations illustrating the theme in a (hopefully) humorous way.

Well, I’ve entered before, placed as a runner-up many times, and even won once. The prize is usually $50 cash, and it’s a good deal for all concerned: for 50 bucks Cracked gets a lot of people creating content for their website, and people entering get the fun of creating these things (and it is fun!) and sharpening our photoshop skills. And sometimes winning.

Well, for this new contest they got a sponsor, the new Harold & Kumar movie, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, so the grand prize is a little better than “five thousand pennies”: it is a trip to Hollywood to see the premiere! And while I could not have cared less about the movie, I enjoy entering the contests. So I entered. And won! (Warning: not all content is family-friendly.)

So tomorrow my wife and I are being flown to Hollywood to attend the premiere of the movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Like I said, life is about to get surreal.

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