Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Load and go

It’s Tuesday morning, time to fly to California! I’ve been working towards this week for over two years now, and it’s finally here! And I get to see Mickey as a reward!

Did I mention that being in the Vocal Majority, especially at contest time, is a lot of work? One of the chorus’s mantras is “Hard work is fun when improvement is evident.” Well, we’ve been working extraordinarily hard for the contest, and have improved beyond our wildest expectations – so we must have been having loads of fun!!!

But most of the work is behind us, or at least the work in Dallas. We finished off our local practices with a rip-roaring, standing-room-only dress rehearsal at a local high school auditorium last Thursday – what a night! We said our goodbyes to each other – a lot of “See you in Anaheims” and “Travel safes” – and now we start making our way to Southern California.

My night’s sleep has been fitful – I wake three times during the night in anticipation. With the competition to come, this trip is very different from our previous Disney trips. With them, my main concern has been getting there, and then I can relax and have fun. That’s still true for my family, but for me, I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me in California.

I’m awake at 6:00, and the rest of my family is quickly up and about. The SuperShuttle is due here at 7:20, but there is very little we have left to do before we leave. Bob & Linda arrive shortly after 6:30 – they’d given themselves lots of extra time to account for traffic, but there was none, even though this is a workday for most people.

We’ve tied gold yarn onto our luggage handles to help identify them at the airport. Gold will be a predominant color this week – we’re hoping every little bit helps the VM to bring back the gold!

The Super Shuttle arrives at 7:15, and by 7:20 we’re onboard and headed for DFW airport. California here we come!

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