Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Check your brain...

There's an interesting discussion thread over at Stupid Guest Tricks (slogan: "Check Your Brain at the Gate") concerning people who spend exhorbitant amounts of $$$ to visit Walt Disney World, and then show up with absolutely no idea what to expect. The start of the thread mentions an Italian couple who visit one attraction at Epcot and then are ready to leave, thinking that's all there is to the park! Yikes!

I know this could apply to any vacation, but there is so much information out there about Disney. I just can't understand how anyone could spend so much and not even put in a minimal amount of research to making the vacation better. I've had friends who do that. You can have a good time at Disney just taking what comes, but there is so much to see and do, you'll get so much more out of your money with just a little advance reading. Plus it's a lot of fun!!

Okay, confession time. I did this very thing once, on the first trip I planned myself (I had been to both Disneyland and Epcot before on different choir tours). Becky and I stayed at an offsite hotel, arrived without knowing park schedules or shuttle bus times, and without any specific idea of what we wanted to see or do during our time there. We still had fun, but we probably would have done things differently with a little more advance planning.

But, hey, it was our honeymoon. Our focus wasn't entirely on Disney at the time. (And okay, yes, we did have some specific ideas about what we wanted to do during our time there!)

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