Monday, April 16, 2007

TOP NINE: Vocal Majority surprises

As you've read here, I am a new member of The Vocal Majority, a mindbogglingly successful and entertaining men's pops chorus. (Even if you didn't read it here, if you're around me at all then you know, since I can hardly bring myself to shut up about it.) I thought I knew a lot about the group, but what I've seen so far has opened my eyes. And so, The World of Wombat presents...

From the great minds at the Wombat Institute for Socio-Economic Research and Short-Order Cooking School:

Top Nine surprising things about the Vocal Majority:

9. So far, Jerry Falwell hasn’t attended a single rehearsal. (Note: He wasn't dead when this was posted. It kind of takes away from the humor now that he's gone, doesn't it?)

8. Twenty percent of the initial audition is Canadian football trivia.

7. Long-time members have poor posture due to the weight of the many gold medals around their necks.

6. Rookies are required to sleep in their tuxedos for the first year.

5. Good-natured ribbing between the voice parts sometimes escalates into knife fights.

4. Most of choreography training is spent watching old episodes of “Solid Gold.”

3. Official all-purpose flour of the Vocal Majority: Gold Medal.

2. There is NO number two! (Well, just once, in 1978, but not since.)

And the number one surprising thing about the Vocal Majority:

1. No satanic rituals are involved in VM's success; they just sing really well!

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