Friday, June 29, 2007

Odds and ends

Random thoughts:

  • This has been a crazy week. We needed rain after last year's drought, but we've received more than we bargained for. We haven't personally been affected by any flooding, BUT it did mess up our church's innovative Vacation Bible School, which we hold in a nearby water park! Two of the four nights were canceled because of the weather, and I was out last night because of VM practice. (Which reminds me of a shirt I saw one guy wearing last night; it read, "I CAN'T, I have rehearsal." Becky didn't think it was as funny as I did.)

  • My 21-step Qualification Checklist for The Vocal Majority is now complete! My first signature was obtained back on April 5 from my auditioner, Wes Dean. I got the final signature last night from co-director Greg Clancy. Greg congratulated me and pointed out that yesterday was a good day to finish the list, as it was the 32nd anniversary of the VM's first gold medal win in 1975!

  • After today, I will be off of work until July 10. Most of the time off I will be back in Denver. I grew up there, but it's not easy to get back very often, and yet I find myself heading back for the second time this year! What's even wilder is that we typically plan trips long in advance, but until November or December of 2006, we hadn't even thought of going to Colorado at all this year, but circumstances allowed us to travel up in March over Spring Break; and then when I passed the initial VM audition in April, I did not think I could get qualified in time to travel to Denver, but I was strongly encouraged to do so, and now I'm riser-qualified and Denver-bound. It's been a whirlwind and lots of work, but fun all the way. I can't wait to perform with the group!!

  • Speaking of that, we perform in two shows in Denver and also will conduct a "Masters Class," where we'll sing some more. As mentioned in the previous post, we sing at the Pepsi Center on Friday evening, at the tail end of the chorus competition. On Saturday afternoon, we perform as part of the World Harmony Jamboree, a 2+ hour concert featuring award-winning quartets and choruses from many different countries. VM is representing the nation of Texas. :-)

  • I'll post more soon -- maybe while I'm there, for sure when I get back!

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