Monday, October 08, 2007

TOP NINE: Other uses for VM recordings

Vocal Majority office manager extraordinaire Gera Shoemaker recently shared with the group some of the interesting phone calls she fields from around the world, many about the effects of the VM's music on people's lives. It's pretty cool to hear how the group's CD's help people through illness, grief, loneliness... but I have to say my favorite was the Idaho farmer who plays Vocal Majority music around the clock to his 300 acres of rose bushes, saying that no other music makes his roses grow as big or as beautiful!

Which of course got me thinking... what other unusual uses are there for the VM's music??? And so, The World of Wombat is proud to present:

From the great minds at the Wombat Institute for Socio-Economic Research and Short-Order Cooking School:

Top Nine other interesting uses for Vocal Majority recordings:

Can teach you Portuguese while you sleep, if we ever record a song in Portuguese.

8. VM arrangement of “Heigh Ho” makes dwarves’ mining operation more efficient.

7. Those responsible for the Fox Fall programming lineup did not listen to the VM while deciding which shows to air. Just sayin’.

Boosts airline on-time service by 2.3%.

5. Aphrodisiac effect equal to (BW+MG)^2 (Barry White plus Marvin Gaye, squared).

4. When played in lobby, increases hotel’s guidebook rating by one whole star.

3. Makes hamsters run extra-fast in their little wheels.

2. Having 120+ VM members in your CD changer allows single driver to use HOV lane.

And the number one interesting use for Vocal Majority recordings:

1. Makes warring Iraqis long for democracy.

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