Friday, October 31, 2008

Life on wheels

Things I've learned since having ankle/foot surgery:

* From now on when I play the "I Never" game, I can no longer use the phrase, "I've never broken any bones." Now I have to say, "I've never accidentally broken any bones"!

* Using a knee caddy scooter (pictured at right) has its pros and cons. It gets all kinds of great reactions -- usually sympathy or curiosity, but occasionally awe (The best reaction so far, from a wide-eyed five-year-old girl: "Cool!"); and hey, I get to ride a scooter in court (with the permission of the judges!!).

The downside: I don't really have a choice in the matter. It would be a lot more enjoyable if I didn't have to use it, even just to get from one piece of furniture to another in my own home!

* I really miss rehearsing and performing with the Vocal Majority! Yes, it requires a lot of time and work (work which was getting increasingly painful as my ankle deteriorated before surgery) but the feeling of being inside those clean, tight, ringing chords with the world's best men's chorus of its kind is something you just don't get over quickly. I need my fix. Plus they're just an awesome group of guys to hang around with.

I may miss it the most this next weekend. VM will be spending several days in the resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, at a luxury hotel, eating great food, relaxing and sightseeing, at little cost to the members. The chorus will perform four shows over four days (sold out for months, with a waiting list) to an extremely appreciative audience, and otherwise the time is their own. Sigh.

* Being waited on hand and foot and being chauffeured everywhere (I can't drive yet) is kind of nice, but like the "fun" of the scooter, it would be a lot nicer if it were optional rather than a necessity.

* Finally, I've learned not to take Benadryl to control itching or other symptoms of allergies. Turns out I'm horribly allergic to Benadryl!!


Diesel said...

Allergic to Benadryl? That's messed up. Is there something you can take for that?

BRWombat said...

Well, Zyrtec is still okay, though it makes me sleepy. Really, though, if you think about it, if I've gone this long in life without knowing I'm allergic to Benadryl, I've not needed it before and can live without it!