Wednesday, November 02, 2011

On to the premiere

Our food arrives, and it’s very tasty – made all the better by the great company. Being stunned at the pin gifts, though, I forget to take a picture of our food like I usually do.

Once we polish off Becky’s chili bowl and my chili dog (and I must say, it’s pretty good chili, even if it wasn’t made in Texas) (but mine is still better), it’s dessert time. We’d probably skip dessert on any other occasion, at least for the sake of my diet, but how often will we get to do something like this? We decide to share a sundae with chocolate mint and peppermint ice creams, with hot fudge and M&M’s.

DisneySon orders a Pin Special sundae for he and DisneyMom to share. It comes with the latest Soda Fountain pin, of Tinker Bell flying over a couple of scoops of ice cream. And… DisneyMom gives that pin to us, too, saying she already has one. Wow again.

Before we dig in, DisneySon takes our picture to commemorate the meeting. And this being Hollywood, we use props – in this case, his sundae is pushed in front of Becky to make it look like we each have one!

The ice cream is perfect; the peppermint ice cream with the hot fudge is especially tasty. Time is flying, though, as time with good friends often does, and once the ice cream is gone it’s almost 6:15. We need to head to the premiere.

We settle the bills; I pause to snap a picture of a couple of the celebrity pictures on the wall of the Soda Fountain; and then all four of us head back out onto Hollywood Boulevard. They’re coming with us to take pictures of both of us with the Chinese Theatre in the background. So nice.

We make our way down the street and find a place to take the pictures.

And then it’s time for quick goodbyes, with hopes that we’ll see each other again someday. (Maybe in Texas next time, DisneyMom???)

It’s almost 6:30 now, and Becky and I head right back to the barricade close to the box office. We tell the security guards there that we’re there for Will Call.

It’s still not open – ten minutes, we’re told. Sigh.

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