Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 12 winner!

Congratulations to this week’s Caption Contest winner (and fellow Baylor alum) Pat Stayton, who wins his first caption contest with one of several BU-themed entries!

New picture coming Monday! 

Honorable Mentions: fellow attorney and Baylor grad Woody Woods: “Ok ‘Frank,’ repeat after me:  "Ahhhhhh SIC EM BEARS!!”; VM lighting guru Sue Abar: “You put your right hand in.......... (Imagine singing!)”; and VM recruiter extraordinaire Brooks Harkey: “One of us is about to explode in a ball of fire.” Honorable Mentions also to Christy Davis – not for a caption, but for saying this pic got “Ebony & Ivory” stuck in her head, and my mom Gail Randall, since Pope Francis apparently performed his first miracle with this pic and made her speechless! (Love you, Mom!)

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