Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 16 winner!

Congratulations to this week’s winner & fellow Vocal Majority baritone Jack Westbrook! Lots of great entries in this contest;  Jack’s was one of the earliest, but it’s had me laughing all week. Come see and hear us both at the Eisemann Center this weekend – three great shows! Details & tickets here!

New picture coming Monday! 

Honorable Mentions: Carl Axelson: “Yo, bro, you have to be at least five feet five inches tall to start a nuclear war.”; Ginger Commander Mann: “Say nothing ... act casual ... flash mob time changed to 1:30. And you're doing the chicken dance, not the Macarena.”; Jill Thomson Grabowski: “Pssst. Someone put a kick me sign on your back.”; and rare double Honorable Mention to Eric Sybesma: “Don't worry about it, lots of people get nervous. Just imagine that everyone in the audience is starving and in fear of tyrannical imprisonment.” and “Could I get you to take these bags up to room 204?”! 

Congrats to all!

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