Friday, August 02, 2013

Week 31 winner!

Once again, several first-time placers this week, including first-time winner and all-around silly person Scott Collier!

NOTE: Papa John’s Pizza offers half off any online order the day after the Texas Rangers score 7 or more runs, and I suppose they make similar offers in other baseball towns (which would presumably exclude Anaheim). :-)

Honorable Mentions: Rich Eick (1st time placing): “What do you mean I am getting kicked out for singing the National Anthem out of key?!?! Obviously you are tone deaf, ump!!"; Don Smith: “Yeah, but they said I could throw the first pitch.....What's this ‘ceremonial’ cr#p? And where's the batter?”; Graham Smith (also 1st time): “Look, THIS is paper. You're not even doing 'rock' properly, you idiot. Do I need to show you how 'scissors' looks as well?”; and Jason Williams: “You should probably hurry up and eject me. I don't think that Tex-Mex I had for lunch is agreeing with me....”

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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