Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 46 winner!

Okay, at least now I know what kind of picture gets the most responses! LOTS of funny this week! Congratulations to my friend from Baylor days Patrick Stayton, his second win!

Honorable Mentions: Patrick Stayton (again!): “Some folks say if you're feeling a little nervous about performing on stage to imagine the audience sitting in their underwear. Brad took this advice to a whole new level.”; Lisa Lavelle: “The Hooters interview did not go well for Wombat....”; Stupid Guest Tricks Zazu: “It appears that some of you didn't read the handout on the dress code and the importance of shaving...."; Sherrye Perkins: “I am married, I am married, I am married.”; Jay Marsh: “So THIS is Heaven?”; and SGT’s Goofyernmost: “Wait! Isn't this where the ‘How to live with an enlarged prostate’ is being held?” 

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday! 

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