Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 52 winner!

I’ll be taking next week off from the Caption Contest – so Patrick Stayton is the final winner of 2013! Congratulations Patrick on your third win, and thanks everyone for all of your hilarious contributions!

Honorable Mentions: Woody Woods: "Got to get there before the kid with the drum. Seems like a newborn would rather hear a soothing baritone than a kid beating a drum."; Stupid Guest Trick's Zazu: "Three kings ... and a Joker."; G Scott Lewis: "We three kings of orient are.... Followed by a 'Bat in a car..."; Christine Bledsoe Jamieson: "Unfortunately Brad forgot that it was a hump day too! Awkward...."; and Will Carleton: "Gold? Myrrh? Frankincense? Ha! Jesus gonna love his new go-kart!"

Thanks to all who entered! See you next year!

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