Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 2 winner!

This was a really tough week – I laughed hard at almost every entry, so picking a winner wasn’t easy! Way to bring the funny, everybody – but in the end Lisa Lavelle’s Lion King reference took the prize. (Poor Simba!!) Congratulations, Lisa!

Lots of Honorable Mentions: Stupid Guest Trick's hhsrat: "The degree of difficulty score was very impressive, but the Russian judge deducted several points because Brad's left foot wasn't pointed."; Don Kistler: "If this doesn't get me in the front row, NOTHING will!"; Jay Marsh: "Why did he go straight for the 'triple dog dare'?"; and G Scott Lewis: "This is what Wombat will do for a Klondike bar." A special Honorable Mention goes to SGT’s hobie16, who rotated the picture 90° clockwise and provide this caption: "Superman was in such a rush to save a bus load of seniors on their way to a Lake Tahoe casino from being crushed by a gigantic rock that he neglected to remove his civilian clothes." And finally, a slightly dis-honorable Honorable Mention to Alan AJ Irby, who referenced Baylor’s bowl drubbing: "So Brad, what'd you have to do after losing that bet for the Fiesta Bowl??" 

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday! 

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