Friday, March 21, 2014

Week 11 winner!

So many very funny choices this week! If yours didn’t get picked (I’m talking to you, Fred), no reason to be ashamed – you had some strong competition! This week’s winner is Stupid Guest Trick's Mouse Expert and Smilie Wrangler Zazu, his first win of 2014!

Honorable Mentions: Joe Hoofnagle: "What happens when Mini-Me grows up."; Patrick Stayton: "Star Trek Conventions: all the proof ever needed that mass cloning is a very, very bad idea."; SGT’s PatchOBlack: "'Chorus? No, I'm part of a gangsta rap group!' With those words, it was clear that Mirror Universe Brad had to be eliminated."; and Lasolimu: "Which one of us is supposed to be the evil twin?!" -- and a slightly less honorable but still honorable mention to Bob Littlepage: "Despite the temporal implications, isn't it wonderful how all those extra pounds got lost in the transporter buffer?" 

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday – what say we make it another prize week? I have another PassPorter to give away!

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