Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 27 winner!

Week 27 Caption Contest results! First the Honorable Mentions: Darren Grabowski: "Mr. Randall, for the 100th time, we're not going to give you the special pat down. Now go get on your flight!"; Rick Bivins: "Mr. Randall, at this point we need to discuss the term, 'where the moon don't shine.'"; Steven Jones: "No, Mr. Randall, we won't be keeping or selling pictures. We're fairly certain nobody would be interested in them."; and darph nader (from Stupid Guest Tricks): "Due to cutbacks in his medical insurance, it was cheaper to buy an airline ticket than it was to go to the doc for an x-ray."

And this week's winner is Patrick Stayton, who took time out from hustling his family to Jerusalem bomb shelters (wish I was joking) to submit this caption for his third win this year! Congratulations Pat! (Still need that pic of you for the "guest star" role you won for a future contest, if you can!)

Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday!

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