Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 36 winner!

Week 36 Caption Contest results! Ah, the (almost-)cool Autumn air sure does bring out the comedy… First the Honorable Mentions: SGT's Zazu: "I've always treated you just like my other kids. I feed you, I house you, I keep you safe. Now that you're five, I expect you to start picking up after yourself. Here's your rake."; Two from Darren Grabowski: "Despite raising it from a small bush, Brad had enough of the competition from the singing tree." and "With the rock inventory complete, Brad moved onto leaf inventory."; Rick Bivins: "Before the fight started, Wombat took a combative stance, weapon in hand...when it was all over, the tree won."; SGT’s bookbabe: "The new HGTV show 'Gardening with Marsupials' did not quite turn out as expected."; and Lynn A Ewing: "Now that he's a grownup, Wombat battles the kite eating tree."
And the winning entry this week comes from Baylor lawyer and friend Lyn Robbins, who is either one of the nicest smart guys I know or one of the smartest nice guys I know. This is his first win this year and third overall! Congratulations, Lyn!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday!

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