Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 43 winner!

Week 43 Caption Contest results! Well, Stupid Guest Tricks has been down most of the week, so those funny folks who check in on the contest exclusively from there missed out, but there’s still plenty of hilarity! First, the Honorable Mentions: Jay Marsh: "Practicing his grand entry for the Hunger Games, it was too late to reconsider the spray glue on his skinny jeans."; Bill Carleton: "And this why you never, EVER, put a wombat on the front row!"; and Rich Eick: "Brad, not being a bass, had to prove he is worthy of singing Ring of Fire."
And for the second week in a row, your Caption Contest winner is Darren Grabowski, his sixth win in 2014 and tenth overall! Congratulations, Darren!
Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday! (It might be themed to an upcoming holiday.)

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