Friday, February 13, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! Okay, rather than make you wait until my first day of Singing Valentines is over, I'm posting these results late at night after an amazing VM recording session. It is Friday, technically! First, the Honorable Mentions: SGT's Zazu: "Sure, she looks happy. The deaf often make favorable presumptions about what they can't hear."; Whitney Rogers: "Sorry, Brad. Not all of us can be Tony DeRosa."; Christy Davis: "He already must have touched water and obviously stays out of the sun. No one feed him after midnight!"; Bob Littlepage: "Just as the space-time continuum began to rip apart..."; and Jeff Lavelle: "Our bargain special this year for Valentine's Day is our '4 Shades of Wombat' singing telegram."
And this week's winner is Eric Abrams, his first win in 2015 and sixth overall! Congratulations, Eric!

Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming on Monday!

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