Friday, March 20, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! Wow, did you all come through with some great captions this week! So with a wave of my magic wand: first, the Honorable Mentions: Darren Grabowski: "Before your Fairy Godmother gets started, I am here to inform you that there are a few, uh, provisos, a, a couple of quid pro quos."; Lynn A Ewing: "Sorry, honey. Due to budget cuts, you get me, the Hairy Fairy Wombat."; Don Kistler: "Um, Cinderella, be careful how you use that term 'fairy,' ok?"; Lisa Lavelle with two: "Unfortunately for Brad, the 'Prince Charming' role went to another actor." and "The retainer for your Unfair Treatment of a Domestic Employee case is $3500.00... my rate is $400.00 per hour.... Maybe you should just go find yourself a Prince to help you with this mess!"; Stupid Guest Tricks' kcberlin: "I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and... wait, who are you?"; and, finally, G Scott Lewis: "After midnight, the Fairy Godmother changed back to a garden variety wombat. In a dress. With a beard. And a crappy attitude."
And today's winning caption comes from first-time winner Kay Strickland Hohes, who not only is my aunt but coincidentally is also married to my uncle! Congratulations, Aunt Kay!
Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming on Monday!

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