Friday, October 09, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! I usually avoid politics, but this late entry was perfect. (I am a little surprised no one went with something related to "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"!) On to the Honorable Mentions: Jim Salmen: "Yes, Mr. Brown, psychiatric help is 5 cents. Legal help, on the other hand, is $250.00 an hour."; Stupid Guest Tricks' Zazu: "Give me a chance! Could my advice be all that much worse than Lucy's?"; Brooks Harkey: "You get your money's worth on psychiatric help from Wombat."; Tom Jackson: "What do you mean 'crazy'? You're the one who talks to his dog…"; and Melissa Dugan Selters: "The moment when Charlie Brown realizes there is someone worse off than him."
And after winning for the first time just last week, the top caption once again comes from my VM bro Tim Bird! (Will there be a threepeat???) Congratulations, Tim!

Thanks to all who entered! New fake picture coming on Monday!

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