Friday, November 27, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! First, your Honorable Mentions: Eric Abrams: "No, I didn't slip anything into this pizza. And no, we're not about to steal all your land. Trust me, I'm a lawyer!"; Kevin Kavanagh: "It's not delivery, it's da Wombat."; Tim Bird: "Having taken an extra-long drag from the natives' peace pipe, Wombat secured the best option he could think of to satisfy the resulting munchies."; Brooks Harkey: "Since inventing it in 1621, Wombat has found that a steady diet of pizza has kept him looking much younger than his actual age."; and Scott Stogius Maximus Lewis: "The natives showed the white man how to raise corn. Wombat showed the natives how to raise their cholesterol."
And the winning Thanksgiving caption comes from my VM brother Kelly Zink, his very first win! Congratulations, Kelly!

Thanks to all who entered! New fake picture coming on Monday!

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