Friday, March 18, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! I never know what kind of picture will get your funny bones working. I might spend a long time photoshopping myself into some ridiculous situation without much response, but when I just put myself next to a dog and match its expression… wow. So first, your Honorable Mentions: Wayne Franklin: "Wombat tries FaceSwap with surprising results."; SGT's PatchOBlack: "Few realize that one of the classes lawyers must take is in making puppy dog eyes."; my mom Gail Randall: "Wombat officially announces his running mate."; two (yet again) from Scott Stogius Maximus Lewis: "It's time to treat your dogs for protection against fleas, ticks, lawyers, and other blood sucking pests." and "The Wombat and the Hound Dog. Similar Baritone range. Similar intonation issues."; Steven Jones: "Trying to ignore him. Is he still there?"; two from Darren Grabowski: "For just 2 milkbones a day, you can sponsor this lawyer and give him a better life." and "Do you worry about 'who's a good boy!?!'? Call the law office of Brad 'Wombat' Randall, we'll fight to get the recognition you deserve!"; Jay Marsh: "I don't usually look this way. But have you heard this guy sing?"; and Rick Bivins: "Wombat takes a selfie with his new vocal coach."

And the winner this week is my longtime friend from my Colorado days Mike Reid, his very first win! Congratulations, Mike!

Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming… someday!

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