Friday, August 12, 2016


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! Too many funny ones this week -- very hard to narrow down to a handful. Here are your Honorable Mentions: Rick Bivins: "After a wild night with the Irish Women's ping pong team, Wombat realizes that Ping Pong Pox is contagious."; Darren Grabowski: "No athletes were filmed in the making of this video game. Seriously."; Alan AJ Irby: "Andy Serkis' title as the king of CGI motion capture acting remains unthreatened."; two from Scott Lewis: "Motion capture requires motion. Thus, the sedentary Wombat made for a poor CGI experience."; and "Wombat tries to lure out Pokemon by hiding on a green background with strategically placed marshmallows.";  Jim Salmen: "No one told Brad auditions for the Teletubbies ended years ago."; and Kelly Zink: "Thanks to green screen technology, Wombat could sneak up on unsuspecting Zika mosquitoes and capture them in Zikaballs. Gotta catch 'em all!"

And this week's winner is, once again, from Darren Grabowski, his third win this year and twenty-first overall! (One more and you tie Michael Phelps!) Congratulations, Darren!

Thanks to all who entered! New pic coming… sometime!

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