Friday, November 17, 2006

Great moments in Garland

Two random notes, connected only by the fact that they happened in my work city of Garland, Texas, a suburb to the northeast of Dallas:

* The FOX network series Prison Break was filming here a couple of weeks ago. Not being in New York or LA, we don't see a lot of filming in our area. In fact, this is the first major TV series - that I'm aware of, at least - to regularly film in the Dallas area since Walker, Texas Ranger. (I pause for a moment to enjoy the memory that brings of Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby.)

The filming was going on outdoors when I drove by, but unfortunately I couldn't stop to get a decent picture. I was being waved through the intersection by a couple of Garland's finest, and it was either get a steady picture of the shoot or avoid running into the officers. Hey, I've got to work with these guys -- running them down would definitely put me on their bad side. So... I had to content myself with this picture of the production crew's trucks and one other one of the backs of two random crew guys.

* Along the same lines of the previous "braille" bumper sticker, I spotted this funny on the windshield of a jeep parked at Garland City Hall this morning. The upside-down text reads, "If you can read this... ROLL ME OVER!" Hee.

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