Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is taking over my life

I share my bed with a barbershop quartet.

Lest you think that is TMI, I guess I should mention that it is a "quartet" of stuffed animals. Becky & I had given each other stuffed dogs some time ago, whom we named Sandy & Chewie, and then some friends sent me a stuffed wombat, named Wilma. The foursome was completed when I returned from the Barbershop Harmony Society convention in Denver with a "barbershop bear" for Becky -- a teddy bear wearing a red vest and a BHS pin.

I added my own "BARI" pin (I don't really have any place to wear it except barbershop gatherings), and that became the bear's name: Bari. Our boys, Brandon & Benjamin, promptly decided that he and the other three animals make up a barbershop quartet.

We've yet to hear them sing, though.


The Strange One said...

Hey I know them Ha! Ha! Ha!

BRWombat said...

Have I ever mentioned that the name you post under, "the strange one," is very, very appropriate???

Love ya,

The Strange One said...

Chewy says Hi and that he is excited that his talents are finally recognized by anyone other than a certain dog, bear, and wombat. I would also like to congratulate the quartet (I didn't know they could sing). Ha! Ha! Ha!