Tuesday, June 30, 2009

California, not dreamin’

Tony Roma’s has a good selection on their menu, but since I’m only able to get to one every few years, I stick with my favorites: a “Roma Rack” of St. Louis style Carolina Honeys, with sides of corn fritter casserole and their tasty garlic pan-seared green beans.

Even after helping demolish our onion loaf appetizer and a piece or two of bread with garlic butter, I’m still able to clean my plate. Hey, it is vacation! That is good eating right there.

Our gang is all a good bit more cheerful now that our hunger and thirst are satisfied. We depart to our various modes of transportation, and again, it’s exciting just to walk onto Disneyland property, even if it’s just to catch a bus.

Once back in our rooms – Bob & Linda have finally gotten their own, and it’s right next door – Brandon wants to swim, and I’m okay with that. We change into swimsuits and head down. Benjamin’s undecided about whether to swim, but Becky comes with us just to sit by the pool.

When we arrive, the sun is low on the horizon, and the air is nice, but the water is cold. Brandon and I swim anyway. We spot a couple of VM guys with their families, including Jerry Andrews and our associate director Jeff Oxley, one of the most “decorated” barbershoppers in history – three quartet gold medals, multiple chorus gold medals with VM, and one gold medal as director of the Masters of Harmony. It’s still odd to me to see so many familiar faces on my vacation.

Becky goes back to the room briefly to let Benjamin know of the pool status, and when she returns he’s with her. By that point, though, I’ve had about enough of the cold water and Brandon and I are going to the Jacuzzi. Benjamin joins us there, and then he and Brandon alternate back and forth between there and the pool.

They try to get me to go back, but I’m not budging from the hot tub anytime soon. It’s hot, but not too hot, and the combination of bubbling water, palm trees, and warm California breezes make for a very pleasant evening. Fellow VMer Jerry Andrews joins us in the Jacuzzi, along with a handful of kids – I think they’re Oxley’s, but I’m not sure. The conversation is very nice, and it’s a great relaxing time.

California, baby. I could get used to this.

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