Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Denver – slow, then fast

The first flight does indeed go quickly. There’s not much to see out the window, but they show an episode of 30 Rock on the video screens, and then I peruse the SkyMall catalog – so much wonderful and expensive stuff!

As usual, we have several “stuffed friends” along for the trip, though Brandon has left his at home – he’s a teenager now, you know. Benjamin has Penny (from 102 Dalmatians) and Josh (a small bear wearing the jersey of Dallas Maverick Josh Howard). I have “Bari,” the baritone barbershop bear, which I got for Becky at my first International Convention of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Denver, 2007. It seems appropriate that he’s along for this event, since we’re going to another BHS International (and stopping in Denver along the way!).

We are on the ground in Denver around 10:30, Mountain time. (Gotta love those hours gained going west!) Unfortunately, there’s a delay at our gate, and we end up sitting in the plane for 35 minutes until we can get off. I use the time to update my status on Facebook, and find there that several of my Vocal Majority brothers are also traveling today (our first rehearsal is not until tomorrow night, so most are flying out tomorrow.)

Our connection here was not overly tight until the extended wait for the gate, but now it is. So once we get off the airplane we barely have time for a restroom break before making a quick dash to the other end of the terminal for our second flight. No time for a quick lunch, like we’d planned, so we’ll have to make do with the boxes of yogurt-covered raisins we brought along until we get to Santa Ana.

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