Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 16 - and PassPorter - winner!

Week 16 Caption Contest results! I’m changing up the reveal format a bit to give the runners-up a little more play, since they are always creative and funny, and I’m not sure how many people click through to the comments to read them unless they themselves are tagged. So first – the Honorable Mentions! Lisa Lavelle: "Failing to get the spotlight in Fantasmic he hoped for, Brad decided to be a show-stopper anyway...."; Don Kistler: "Greg*, you don't have to do this. We're going to win in Las Vegas with our singing!"; Patrick Stayton: "Mickey auditions for Vocal Majority with a stirring rendition of This Little Light of Mine."; and Stupid Guest TricksLasolimu: "To prevent potential lawsuits, Wombat reminded Mickey that safety comes first, even if you have magic powers." Congrats to all!

And this week’s top prize, and winner of a brand-new PassPorter Walt Disney World 2014, is avid runner and car salesman (though not usually at the same time) David Wilmoth -- his first win this year and second win overall!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

*Greg Clancy, Musical Director of the Vocal Majority.

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