Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 19 winner!

Week 19 Caption Contest results! This is another week where you all made it incredibly difficult for me by being so funny! I had lots of good laughs, but these got me the most: first – the Honorable Mentions! Bear Deardorff: "Wombat screamed, 'Spider-Man! Come back!'"; Trent Blackley: "This year for Mother's Day, in tribute to his saintly mother Gail and his faithful wife Becky, Wombat delighted his adoring fans below with a honest to goodness rendition of Johnny Cash's famous tune 'I Walk the Line.'"; Darren Grabowski: "Come on Brad, you remember how to get to Neverland. Just remember, think of a wonderful thought. Any happy little thought. Like criminals getting justice, gold medals, Mickey ears. Now watch me go..."; Larry E Collins: "The Vocal Majority choreography gets more challenging every year!"; and Patrick Stayton: "Wombat's year of living cheaply continues. Discount dogsledding. Discount ballooning. And now, discount line dancing lessons."

And this week’s winner is fellow barbershopper -- and proud new daddy -- John Rentz, his first win! Congratulations, John!!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday – with a unique prize for the winner!

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