Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 20 -- and future guest star -- winner!

Week 20 Caption Contest results! In a moment, the lucky(?) contestant who gets to guest star in an upcoming Caption Contest photo, but first – the Honorable Mentions! Stupid Guest Trick's  Widget: "Are you a rodent or a marsupial that has been denied employment due to your genome? Call 1-800-WOMBAT today to talk to a lawyer who understands your situation."; SGT’s YANXWIN: "This is the moment Remy realized rats CAN take over the world. After all, they let this guy on TV."; Larry E Collins: "Brad teaches his faithful followers how to cook Wombatatouille."; and Patrick Stayton: "Emile! Come here! It's the guy we saw on the tightrope last week! Can't believe he's still alive. I'm sure he had to buy a new pair of pants."

And this week’s winner and future photo guest star -- assuming he’s willing to send me pictures to use all the way from his home in Israel -- is Patrick Stayton, his second win and fifth win overall! Congratulations, Pat!!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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