Friday, June 06, 2014

Week 22 winner!

Week 22 Caption Contest results! First the Honorable Mentions: Two this week from Lisa Lavelle, who suggested I do a Maleficent picture: "Wombat knew the Vegas Judges would be tough, but he didn't expect this level of 'Maleficence'" and "Wombat had to go to the depths of the moors to deliver his 'Once Upon a Dream' Singing Telegram. Sadly, Maleficent doesn't tip."; Rick Bivins: "Yes, I can make you into a Wombat Fairy, but the wings will have to be enormous. Why don't you settle for something more mundane, like a baritone?”; Eric Abrams: "Despite being able to 'prove' that Anna and Elsa's parents died en route to Rapunzel's wedding ceremony, the Disney Conspiracy Theorists still have yet to come up with a valid explanation for the fact that the 'Wombat' character from Ratatouille also made an appearance in Maleficent."; and Stupid Guest TricksGoofyernmost: "Before you do anything let me state my case. When I said you looked horny, I meant your hair! Honest!"

And this week’s champion is my VM brother G Scott Lewis, his third win this year! Congratulations, Scott!!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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