Friday, August 01, 2014

Week 28 winner!

Week 28 Caption Contest results! Wow, this entry had a lot of very funny (and usually pretty insulting) entries! :-) First the Honorable Mentions: G Scott Lewis: "While not good enough to make the VM front row, Wombat easily danced his way into a starring role in High School Musical: Wombat Gets His GED"; Lisa Lavelle: "The kids weren't anticipating 'Audience Participation' at the Senior Center."; Zazu (from Stupid Guest Tricks): "Wombat thinks his chances of graduating this year are better than ever."; SGT’s YANXWIN: "Just because you win a little award doesn't mean it turned back the clock on your age 40 years."; and Kelly Patton: "Brandon and Benjamin Randall have officially changed their names after learning their father was going to be the drama teacher at their high school."

And the very first entry in this week’s contest, from my VM brother Rick Bivins, took the prize -- his very first win! Congratulations Rick!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday!

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