Friday, August 21, 2015


CAPTION CONTEST RESULTS! Yeah, this is obviously based on Becky & me having an empty nest now, but I loved the many directions my crazy friends took this! First, the Honorable Mentions: Marty Senstock: "Think of the omelet!"; Jerry Andrews: "Tonight on Discovery, naturalist Brad Randall shares footage of the previously unseen Lair of the Wombat."; Sally Elizabeth Wooldridge: "Honey, I got the hair ball out if the sink!"; Jim Salmen: "Brad couldn't afford a doghouse for when he got in trouble with Becky, so he improvised."; and Stupid Guest Tricks' Zazu: "Okay, I finally got the nest finished. Now to start on the nest egg!"
And returning to his winning ways with this extremely random caption that cracked me up is Darren Grabowski, his fifth win this year and sixteenth overall! Congratulations, Darren!

Thanks to all who entered! New fake picture coming on Monday!

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