Thursday, December 21, 2006

Old friends know you best

I love Christmas time for many reasons, but I'm not above saying I enjoy getting presents! This week a package arrived which caught me by surprise, in part because of who it was from (it's been a while since we've exchanged more than cards and the occasional email), but more because of the contents. The box contained a "wombat" road sign replica and an actual stuffed wombat!!!! Wow! (I didn't even know there were stuffed wombats!)

The wombat (named Wilma, according to its tag) is a HUGE hit around my house, with both my boys and my mom (who recently viewed a Discovery Channel show on wombats and fell in love with them) trying to claim her from me -- but she's MINE, all MINE!! And because these friends knew I was an Amazing Race fan, the box also contained a DVD and autographed postcard of the exploits of one contestant. Too cool.

So, many, many thanks to Bob & Steph!! (I do plan to reciprocate, but I kind of doubt it will be before Christmas at this rate. Have a very merry one anyway!)


The Strange One said...

Cool! The Wombat got on the internet! Ha Ha Ha

BRWombat said...

Yes, Wilma's a celebrity. All is as it should be.