Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Huey Lewis needs your help!

There comes a time in any man's life when he needs to stand up for justice, to right the social wrongs, to take on a cause greater than himself.

This is not one of those times.

Huey needs your help!But hey, I loved me some Huey Lewis & the News back in the day, and his music still brings back a lot of good memories. As far as good causes go, this will not make a great deal of difference to the world, or help liberate the oppressed. Our sights are set a bit lower: getting Huey more airplay on classic rock radio stations. If we can hear him more often, than our efforts are not wasted.

Do you like your bands in business suits? Did you thrill to point out Mr. Lewis's "sorry but you're too darn loud" cameo in Back to the Future? Were you made vaguely uncomfortable leading a drug-free existence only to find yourself singing along to "I Want a New Drug"?

If so, then we need your help! Please click on the picture for the details (and a glimpse into a very funny blog, Mattress Police)!


CresceNet said...
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BRWombat said...

Well, this was a first -- had to delete a post because (1) it was purely an advertisement for a commercial web service and (2) IT WAS IN PORTUGUESE!

Nice try, dude, but Babelfish is always available for translations.

Diesel said...

Hey Wombat, thanks for your support! I know Huey appreciates it. Sorry it took me so long to get over here.