Friday, November 23, 2007

Believe... or not, the Vocal Majority's new Christmas CD is out!!! We just got them on Tuesday, and as of now they're not even listed on the VM website. They should be available online and in Barnes & Nobles soon -- at least Dallas-area stores, maybe more.

I may be a bit biased, but this is one awesome Christmas CD! It has a great mix of songs, lots of different styles. It's a mix of secular and spiritual carols, some a capella, one with full orchestra, one with just acoustic guitar. A couple of the tracks feature the two champion quartets that have come out of the chorus (Max Q and Acoustix). And one song is sung in the Yoruba dialect of west Africa! Hopefully there'll be some cuts from the CD available for listening on our website soon.

And yes, I am on it! I qualified in time to make the last recording session. Again, sorry for patting myself on the back like this, but seeing this is almost as good for me as having my name up in lights on Broadway. I'm probably enjoying this way too much, but this is just too cool -- my name is in the liner notes!

It's been less than ten months since I first even attended a VM rehearsal. In that time I have sung over 65 songs (needless to say, each of them was new to me, if not the song itself then the arrangement!); I've performed with the chorus in ten different appearances (in two states); and now I'm on a VM album! I may eventually become ho-hum about being in the group, but -- wow! -- not yet! It still seems like a dream.

So... buy the CD and prove to me it's not a dream. :-)

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