Thursday, December 06, 2007

This is a great idea!

If you're like me and love finding internet time-fillers, here's one that is interesting, educational, and helpful to others all at once. The website is The site is a fun (and challenging!) vocabulary quiz, and by playing it you help provide rice to hungry people in the world!

The concept is simple but amazingly creative:

1. A banner ad appears at the bottom of each question page.
2. The advertisers pay a certain amount per view to the website.
3. The ad money is donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

SO... the more you play, the more will be donated to feed the hungry! Currently the rate is 20 grains of rice per question answered correctly (up from an original 10). As web traffic increases and ad revenue goes up, the web site's organizers hope to increase that amount further.

Finally, a website that lets you feel good about wasting your time there! Visit soon, play often.

1 comment:

Diesel said...

Are there any porn sites that give away rice?