Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The World of Wombat is thrilled and honored to announce a new association with the pre-eminent directory of online funny stuff, Without further ado, let's get right to the FAQ's:

Q: Just how much of an honor is this?

A: A tremendous, nay unspeakable honor, well beyond any other honor bestowed by mortal man.

Q: Isn't that overstating it a bit?

A: Yes.

Q: What does one have to do to be associated with

A: It may surprise you to hear that there is a years-long, painstaking review process by a team of leading academicians, theologians, and proctologists. It would certainly surprise the folks at, since it is not true. Actually all it means is that I registered this site there, and eventually they may get around to reviewing it and directing some traffic my way.

Q: Why do you keep showing the link to

A: Good question. I am hopeful that the good people at will appreciate the effort to send some visitors their way and speed up the reviewing process.

Working in my favor, also, is that founder Diesel is a close personal friend, owing to the strong, abiding bond forged by the fact that we've each posted a message on the other's site once or twice -- plus I'm aiding him in his quest to get more airplay for Huey Lewis.

Working against me is the sad reality that this blog only has three regular readers. I am therefore not likely to be able to drum up much cross-traffic. (The print edition of this blog is, however, wildly popular in nursing homes.)

Q: Are there any requirements for being listed at

A: One requirement is that the blog be updated frequently, at least once a week. Since up until now I've been operating on the less-stringent "whenever I feel like it" standard, this will likely result in more posts here.

Since my brain won't be any more creative, however, prepare for essays about what I'm having for lunch or things I read in the newspaper. (I'm also about to leave for a two-week vacation, so prepare to be disappointed if you expect a post next week.)

Q: Wait, if this is we're talking about, aren't you also required to be funny?

A: (a) Technically, yes, they strongly suggest that. But (b) I've read some of the blogs linked there, and there doesn't appear to be much oversight. And (c) Hey, just what are you implying here??

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Diesel said...

It's true, there is very little oversight. We really only reject blogs that use the word "irregardless."

Happy New Year!