Monday, January 07, 2008

Wombat's Disney Adventure

Hey all -- I'm back from my Walt Disney World vacation and Disney Wonder cruise, with lots of stories to tell, including some amazing magical experiences!

I've always written my trip reports in a present-tense, "you-are-there" format, to allow the reader to experience the magic of the vacation as we did. That will still be true this time, but I am making a few changes, starting with the fact that it's being posted on a blog.

Obviously, apart from the first few "prologue"-style posts, this trip report is being written after our return, but I will be taking advantage of the handy feature that allows me to supply a specific time and date for posts to make it seem as if they are being posted as the trip unfolds. I've also decided to break up each day's events into multiple posts, rather than compile a single day into one lengthy post as in the past.

The first post -- written quite a while ago -- is already there, and new posts will be added frequently, so check back often. (Of course, this blog will suffer while I post there, but I'll try to let you know when I've completed each day's events.)

The trip report website?!

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