Monday, January 26, 2009

Citizen Cane

I don't really have a joke or funny story here, just a progress report. And a headline that was just screaming to be used.

I've shed my crutches at last, and am now using a cane, my final mobility aid on my road to recovery following surgery last September. I spend 6-1/2 weeks using the knee caddy scooter, then crutches with the "Zazu boot" for a few weeks (a restricted mobility boot, so named because my friend and Disney CM Zazu from Stupid Guest Tricks donated it to me), then crutches with regular shoes, and then just one crutch.

By the time I was able to get around with just one crutch, I was pretty tired of hauling it around, so I went cane-shopping. Of course, being a big and tall guy, the canes on hand at our local Walgreens just were not tall enough. I also wanted something a little nicer looking -- hey, you'll never knew when canes will come back in style, and I wanted to be prepared. (As quoted by Bill McNeal, "Everybody loves a cane!") Besides, it was being paid for with pre-tax cafeteria dollars, and better yet, I found the cane I wanted from a place in Canada, and the exchange rate made a decent, tall, and elegant black cane a real bargain.

Okay, yes, I got it from Canada, meaning the headline on this post is inaccurate. But "Legal Immigrant Cane" just isn't funny.

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