Friday, July 05, 2013

Week 27 winner!

You all had me worried this week, since the captions were slow to roll in – only a couple in first few hours – but you came through with some hilarious ideas! This week’s prize (disclaimer: still no prize) goes to first-time winner Wayne Franklin, filmmaker and author of the hilarious book Midlife Mouse, which is still available at an Amazon near you!
Honorable Mentions: Don Kistler: "Ok, SOMEBODY here ordered 3 pizzas and I'm not leaving till I get paid!"; Bob Hodges: "IDIOT!!! You bring pizza in here? This is Philadelphia. Run out and get us CHEESESTEAKS!!!!!”; and PatchOBlack (from Stupid Guest Tricks): “Despite his best efforts, he couldn't get ‘pizza’ listed as one of the inalienable rights....”

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday! 

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