Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 29 winner!

Aaaaaand the (first time!) winner this week is Stupid Guest Tricks member and master of all Disney knowledge Zazu! Congratulations – although I have to say that his winning entry, while funny, isn’t really accurate. We VM guys, we ALL look good in rhinestones!

Honorable Mentions: YANXWIN: "And with that, the cloning experiments have ended; proving that making a copy of a copy of a copy gives you a marsupial."; Alan AJ Irby: "Well known phases in the life of Elvis Presley: 50's rock-and-roll pioneer look, 60's movie icon look, 69 comeback special look, 70's Vegas look. Lesser known phase: choral-lawyer look.”; Lisa Lavelle: “With this picture, Becky finally figured out what happened to her missing Bedazzler.....”; and Judy Clancy: “Let the Jeff Oxley impersonations begin!” (Jeff is multi-gold medal-winning bass, VM’s Musical Director, and he does a great Elvis impersonation, sometimes on VM shows.) 

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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