Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 28 winner!

Sorry for the delayed results – that comes with a lengthy wait at the DPS office. But lots of funny this time around! This week’s prize (yeah, still no prize) goes to Stupid Guest Tricks member hhsrat – love this reference to the Vocal Majority’s director – or his son, who is also a VM director, so it works either way!

Honorable Mentions: Don Kistler: "The Westminster Chorus didn't win??? Ok, I'll come down then."; Kevin Kavanagh: "Wombat was confused when they asked him at the competition how high he could sing.” (Yes, extremely close to the winning entry, and both posted, in different forums, at exactly the same time! “Great minds” and all that…); Patrick Stayton: “Rapture rehearsal: Day 2”; Lisa Lavelle: (singing) "I'm on the top of the world, lookin’ - down on creation...."; and Alan AJ Irby: “Good: defying death and having unique life experiences. Bad: having to dress up like Sue Sylvester from Glee to do so.” 

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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