Friday, February 07, 2014

Week 5 winner!

Lots of laugh-out-loud entries this week – the Broncos’ Super Bowl drubbing was at least inspirational humor-wise! Congratulations to my VM brother G Scott Lewis on his first win!

Honorable Mentions: Lisa Lavelle: "Conceal… Don't Feel… Put on a show… Make one wrong move and everyone will know…" - Brad picks a bad time to sing his Frozen medley."; Jeff Lavelle: "During a last minute half-time pep talk, Wombat quotes one of his favorite motivational speeches of all time: 'It just doesn't matter!!! It just doesn't matter!!!'" (from Meatballs); Larry E Collins: "Tim Tebow called. He prayed for Seattle."; Joe Hoofnagle: "Throw the ball to the guys in the orange shirts."; and Chase Gooding: "I was so looking forward to riding Space Mountain with you.”  

Thanks to all who entered! New picture coming Monday!

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