Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 40 winner!

Week 40 Caption Contest results! It was incredibly tough to choose a winner this week – many great entries! So, we have a lot of Honorable Mentions: Lara Beilby: "(To the tune of Singin' In the Rain): I'm singing for the plane… I'm singing for the plane… he doesn't like a capella, I'm running again... "; Lisa Lavelle: "Brad denied recent travel to West Africa, but the CDC had more questions."; SGT's Zazu: "The live-action remake of Plane Crazy didn't come out quite as expected when the director decided to turn it into a parable about the evil of singing lawyers."; SGT's darph nader: "In hindsight, Wombat shoulda went South by South East."; Don Kistler: "They'll have to shoot me. I WON'T sign up for Obamacare!"; Alan AJ Irby: "At least they didn't put my head on Janet Leigh's body from that other Hitchcock flick!!"; SGT's bookbabe: "Yet again, Wombat questioned the wisdom of buying airline tickets through"; and SGT’s Widget: "Are lawyers getting out of control in your neighborhood? If so, call Lawyer-Be-Gone Crop Dusting. Guaranteed results or your money back."
And with his very first win, this week's champ is Doug Lewis, author of the incredibly funny To Cure the Humans! Doug, you've won a guest-starring role in a future caption contest pic! Congratulations!

Thanks to all who entered! New picture on Monday!

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